The Best Laid Plans…

Fighting sometimes means changing how I live and how I believe. For me, fighting is about keeping my sense of humour, because that will motivate me to keep moving even when things are tough. Laughing about losing my hair, or my breast, or even some of the complications I have already faced, makes them seem a little less daunting.

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Richard Dennis Honsberger (death)

Richard Dennis Honsberger; born January 4, 1945 in St. Catherines, ON passed away late in the evening on August 24, 2021 at Quinte Health Care after a short battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

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Mama Who Bruised Me

  My partner, with whom I share a stage for this scene is lovingly and patiently waiting for me to catch my breath. I am overcome. I am fighting tears and my throat is closing in. Why now? Why this scene?

It’s Called Humanity

President Obama marching on the 55th Anniversary of "Bloody Sunday" in Alabama. I look at this photo, and I see a truly honorable and decent human spirit. I see hope. I see resilience and strength. And in 2020, 55 years later, why are we still having the conversation around race as if it is somehow... Continue Reading →

What If

What if you did something completely contrary to the acceptable path? What if you followed your bliss?

My Silent War Within

I needed to be told how much pain I was in. Apparently it wasn't self evident. I needed to have it pointed out to me that I didn't ever make eye contact when speaking to another human being. It was explained to me that I never allowed anyone to just witness my vulnerability ever. I... Continue Reading →

No Apology for Reflection

I am done hiding behind shame and self-loathing. It was never my fault, but healing is my responsibility. Learning to see who I am, accept myself and love myself is a journey. Learning to accept the love and help from those who love me will be my biggest hurdle yet. But I won't be silent... Continue Reading →

My Breasts Have Battle Scars

Yesterday I had a message request from someone on Facebook. It was a woman who had found me through a blog I wrote years ago about having Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). Her best friend had recently been diagnosed and she wanted to know what my experience was. Three years later, the answer to that is... Continue Reading →

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