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“Jen,  what a great manuscript.  It was so powerful.  Perhaps my experience at the Girls’ Home made me sensitive to the audience, but I thought it was so well written and hit the nail on the head over and over.”
~Kevin Stenhouse, UCB Canada

Great Manuscript

 I think it is absolutely amazing what you have done for young women that may find themselves in this situation. I may not be a big believer in God, actually I am not a disbeliever, I’m just not too sure. However I was a single mother at a young age (23, not a teenager, but still young enough), and your book certainly would have been something I could have used back then. So I want to say thank you for doing this and letting girls, who find themselves in this situation, know that they are not alone and that they always have someone to turn to…..even if its not someone you can physically see. I know I certainly could have used him and your book.”

Absolutely Amazing…