Cancer Battle

Cancer Battle: Hope for the Future

This article breathes incredible new hope in the fight against cancer.
In the past five months I have had some well-meaning, but ultimately insensitive suggestions that traditional therapy is bad and I should consider other “alternative” therapies. There is only ONE alternative therapy that I am interested in, and that will be a discussion I have in the future should the cancer ever come back or develop in another area of my body, and this articles describes that therapy. (see link above)
The thing that people don’t always understand, is that the decision to undergo any type of treatment to fight cancer is a hard decision, and a personal one. Natural or alternative therapies are not as “fool-proof” as people would have you believe and the cancer could STILL kill me regardless of the treatment I choose. My route of treatment has been successful thus far, and while it is very emotional and difficult, in the end, I have a hope at longer life. That is ALL most cancer survivors hope for. That being said, there are other treatments on the horizon that could make chemotherapy a thing of the past and I am very excited to see how this treatment develops over the next few years.

All in all, I will say with ALL CONVICTION, that I trust my doctors, the researchers, my pharmacist, and my nurses, ALL of whom are in the business of helping me SURVIVE this illness. For anyone to suggest that medical professionals go into the field of medicine to deceive their patients is an insult to the countless people who have to watch people ultimately die from this disease. They are fighting probably harder than I am to fight this disease because they have watched too many lose this battle. It’s an insensitive accusation, and I personally find it offensive.

Windsor Native Michael Rosenblum (Photo credit: Windsor Star)




2 thoughts on “Cancer Battle: Hope for the Future”

  1. You are an incredibly brave young woman who has come thus far with grace. I also have had well meaning people suggest alternatives to your cure but I realize that your challenge is a personal one and one that is to be waged between you and your medical team. That you trust them so much will go a long way towards your ultimate healing.
    A side benefit that we hope you will cherish is the love and support of your family and the inclusion of prayers to God for your well being.
    Well written piece, Jennifer, and keep on keeping on.


  2. Thanks for the article. I like to imagine that future treatments will continue to be more humane and more effective. Totally agree that treatment choices are personal, though I found that taking my people into consideration was a big influence on what I ultimately chose.
    Best wishes for your health-


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