Things That Could Get Me in Trouble

Be Brave

The Western world has become so polarized in their political thinking that it has created a dialogue of ugly hatred. This has been especially evident in the world of Christianity*.

We live in a world where the issues are pushed so aggressively that it causes conversations to become more about the issue rather than the person or people group directly affected by it. When we only see the issues and fail to remember that every policy, every law is directly affecting someone else, we make it our mission to simply have our way and we lose our humanity.

No policy, no law should cause us to forget our humanity.

The solution to our current world condition does NOT lie within the hands of a single politician. A solitary person has the ability to affect GREAT change if they are willing enough to step up and speak bravely, without hate or malice.

The conversation I would like to see is one directed by compassion rather than agenda.

John F. Kennedy was a President who cheated on his wife multiple times, was hooked on pain medication, and yet he was instrumental in bringing about change in the racially divided South. Can a corrupt or morally questionable man or woman still influence an entire culture for change? 

We cannot be so agenda driven that we forget that the things we are fighting so passionately about have the ability to bring help or harm to our society. And in order to know the difference we have to be willing to listen to one another, learn and grow, possibly admit where we have been wrong, and have a willingness to change.

*I am a Christian, and I firmly believe that when we look at the character and life of Jesus we would see that He was a man who saw our humanity first. THAT was why He came to earth and THAT was why He came to save. He wasn’t interested in a political agenda, He was interested in US. 


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