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The Countdown is on…

To be fair the countdown has been on for a year now, every since the ATX Reunion Panel when the whispers and rumours about a potential reboot were circulating. But it’s FINALLY here and within reach…The GILMORE GIRLS Re-Boot.

I have been a fan since DAY 1. Not many people can say that but I can. There was only one episode that I ever missed during its original first run and that was during the second season “The Bracebridge Dinner”. After that I refused to miss another episode and I can recall Tuesday nights being sacred…no one was allowed to speak…kids had to be in bed…and the TV was ALL MINE. Then the days of PVR and I was able to record it at watch it at will, but I was always insistent on watching it live. I have been beyond thrilled to see the resurgence of fans as new generations have grown up and have been able to watch it in syndication and now on Netflix. I personally have now watched all episodes so many times that I almost know them all by heart, and I can anticipate each line as it’s delivered. (That’s something considering how fast they speak and how many lines they all actually have) My husband always knows when I have been watching Lorelei ad-nauseum because my speech becomes quicker and my wit has more bite.

In 23 days time we have a whole new crop of episodes to watch. They might be only 4 episodes at 90-minutes each, but it’s a new era for the Gilmores and I can’t wait to see the way the writers have imagined the new storylines. (Not to mention, I can’t wait to hear the infamous final four words)

My girlfriend (who coincidentally I got her hooked on GG, even though she resisted for the longest time…once she started she couldn’t stop…)and I  have now planned for a full-day GILMORE GIRLS WATCHING day. Stay tuned for our antics as we prepare for our full day of sitting in bed, watching Lorelei and Rory while chowing down on some of the most insanely amazing Gilmore Girls cuisine. We have a watching/eating schedule laid out so that we can plan accordingly…




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