Like Gen-X’ers Before Them, There go the Millenials!


It should NEVER be about preserving an institution: It SHOULD always be about Jesus!
Generation X–MY GENERATION–was written off long ago as useless, directionless, and never amounting to any real purpose. Our love-affair with the church was likely the first to become stagnant. But then in come the Millenials, and even more ruthless in the judgement against them than there was for the Gen-X’ers, they are leaving the church in droves. I personally understand why.

This article articulates with beautiful clarity why they would be leaving, and the bare bones truth is, I get it and I support it.

I am fortunate enough to attend a church that on most levels “gets this”. I love my church, but I see the pit-falls. And it isn’t for lack of trying. There aren’t enough people who have the same conviction. I wish more churches at least tried.

I have three sons–and their interest in churchey-programs is nil. It is far more important to me, that the legacy I leave them is one of love, compassion, and serving those who are less fortunate than I am.


*12 Reasons Millennials Are Leaving the Church

*Blog and photo Published by Recklessly Alive (http://www.recklesslyalive.com)


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