If you had asked me five years ago what this site was about, I could have given you a clear cut answer. But if you asked me today? Today is a mystery.

It began as a blog in conjunction with my first published book. I was so proud of that book, if only for the reason that it was something I finished. And it was good–not great, like some literary masterpiece just waiting to be discovered–but good. It touched people’s hearts, it dealt with the subject matter and it was written from a place of experience and wisdom. It was a labour of love, as is all of my writing.

But now, this is blog has become a meandering path of self-discovery. I am ever evolving, as we all are, but in that meandering I am finding that what is true for me is only true also for some. Our experiences are not all uniform and universally applicable. (Nor should they be). I am damaged. No, not like your damaged, this is my damaged. Your damage is your story–this is mine. And my hope is that my story will inspire, will encourage, will teach and will touch the very corners of your soul. If it makes you cry–well–then I have done my job.

The word conceived means more than just the beginning of life (such as the conception of a child) but it also means to “form or devise (a plan or idea) in the mind.” Thus the ever evolving story of Conceived. It is still being devised, and that is half the fun. The art of creating, discovering, exploring and learning who I am in this life. It won’t always be neat and tidy and according to cultural norms, but it will be interesting.